Monday, March 10, 2008

broitmans and bike week!

Be sure you're in a comfy chair. Make a snack. Do some stretches. I say this because if a picture is worth a thousand words, then this post is the equivalent of War and Peace. I thought about posting the images in a slideshow, but for once I won't subject you to a touching ballad meant to pepper spray your heart strings. Instead, I'll subject you to a barrage of my sometimes-accurate, always-rambling word speak (after which you'll be begging for the pepper spray).

Matt and I took a quick trip to Florida this weekend to meet up with our dear friends the Broitmans. Jed (Papa Broitman) is finishing his Masters degree, and his final project involves a series of short films/images (that's where Matt comes in). I came along for the ride, for a nice break, and to hang out with Nikki (Mama Broitman) while the fellas made all art-like.

So I HAD to take millions of photos since there was a beach, a film project going on, AND the ever-adorable Leola Rose and Ozzy (Baby Broitmans #1 and #2).

I was reading a Cinderella book to Leola, and was having a hard time holding back scoffs at the message of the story. Basically, Cinderella is relaying what it's like to be a new bride and how she occupies her time in her secret room. If anyone finds out about her secret room, surely someone's fingernails will be plucked. Anyway, she goes on about making a pretty scarf for her prince so that he won't toss her aside for some kingdom tramp, leaving her penniless....or something like that. So, at the end of the story, I decided to add "and then she went and got a PhD...the end". Later, Nikki was telling us that Leola had recently said she wanted to kiss boys. Nikki had explained to her that she could kiss boys after getting her Masters degree. I can just imagine Leola as a teenager, just wanting to kiss boys and make scarves...while Nikki and I shove applications to Cornell and MIT in her face.

Another means of great enjoyment was watching Jed's description of his children played out before our eyes. He calls Leola "the creator" and Ozzy "the destroyer". These characteristics are remarkably entertaining in person. I think playing with those two super-smart cutie-pies was the only thing that got me over my post-Project Runway depression (PPRD).

Anyway, they're a beautiful family...and soon to be 5 members strong! It was a joy to spend some much needed chill time with them.

Also, it was Bike Week.

This lovely greeting awaited us in the kitchen! "Viva Voce" is the name of Jed's film project. Without the translation, I would have thought it meant "Long live the lighthouse!".

Jed and Matt get down to business. For the next several photos, you'll want to know that supporting roles were played by Chilly McFreezing & Gusty DeFacewhip.

You can take the boy out of Florida.....but when you try to take the Florida out of the boy, he says "let's drink some beer, rent jet-skis, and set off fireworks".

See Matt. See Matt swim. See Matt NOT drowning.

And now for the artsy-fartsy portion of our presentation...

Florida is a great place for people like me who are infatuated with non-real birds.

The two looks on the right are Ozzy's monster-slash-T Rex faces. Very effective.


The band invited the kiddos on stage to do a dance to Jimmy Buffet's "volcano" song. They did a great job and I loved the fact that they were under the giant "welcome bikers" sign.

A quick walk back to the condo. Poor Ozzy didn't like the wind hitting his face. And I don't recommend saying the word "crab". He's not a fan. Dude, I'm with ya. They're daggum shifty.

She's always this spirited. It's not just the fancy outfit.

Nikki had the super idea of having the kids put their sea creatures stickers on her belly. They were totally into it (see sticker backings in Leola's hair). However, they soon interpreted "gently place sticker on Mommy's belly" as "karate chop sticker through Mommy's torso". I think Baby Broitman #3 got a lesson in bob and weave.

Now for some fun Mommy/Daddy time. Jed and Nikki might just have out-cuted the kids.

BABY # 3 !!!

The couple that plays together, stays together. Werd.

Thanks for everything. We love you guys!


Oh, that's so Trikki! said...

You Rock, Bo-D! Thanks and we look forward to seeing y'all again, soon, I hope.


Susie said...

Wow, I LOVE seeing how you captured that day... Those are perfect pics, Missy.