Friday, March 21, 2008

put rice in stummies

There is a wonderful photographer on Flickr named Sarah K Chen, who posted the link to a site where you can simply play a fun vocabulary game to help donate rice to hungry people through the UN World Food Program. It's a great cause, fun to play (you get to watch the rice bowl fill up as you answer correctly!), and let's face it....we could all use a vocab refresher (I promise to not say "awesome" as much if all other Americans promise to say "amazing" less often).

So please have fun playing, pass it on, and let's feed some folks. Maybe I should start a website that lets people play math games for vegetables....we need to put something in that rice!!!

To enter the site, click HERE.

In other less profound rice-related news...

My dear friend Jeanie is in town this week, and I got to hang out with her last night. We filled our bellies with rice and talked about life and Chris Isaak (his music was playing at the restaurant). We have a mutual love for him. It's always a joy to see Jeanie, and she helped me add another photo to my "weirdo photographer + pretty friend" series.

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