Wednesday, March 19, 2008

food with a purpose

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of shooting the Women in the Arts luncheon at 103 West, held by Synchronicity Performance Group. They're doing some great work to bring theater programs to kids who wouldn't normally be exposed to that type of creative outlet....among many other things.

During the panel discussion, the bill that would bring lots more film work to Atlanta was mentioned. If you'd like to find out more about it, click HERE. PLEASE support this bill (1100)! It will keep Matt and all the other fabulous actors in town from having to drive to New Orleans and the Carolinas for film auditions and shoots! Let's make some great films in Atlanta! I'm thinking "Gone With the Wind 2: Electric Boogaloo".

Here are the lovely table decorations at 103 West.




It took every ounce of willpower to not dump this in my handbag.

The lovely, talented ladies of "Angela's Mixtape", soon to be performed in New York.



The expert panel, who all had some profound words regarding arts in our community.


A super dear friend Tiff was there attending. Yay! Of course, I had to apologize for not coming to her awesome Ha-Ha-hot yoga class this week. With the sinus infection I had, I figured it wasn't a good idea to have sweat streaming out of my pores AND snot streaming out of my nose. No amount of zen makes that any less gross. So, here are Tiff and I being silly senioritas. That girl can NOT take a bad photo. Her look screams "hot, sassy detective". Mine screams "dorky photographer with multiple chin disorder". Sigh.



Tommy said...

Tiffany's a doll, but I disagree, Stacey - you've got a really hot Tina Fey thing going in that picture.

As for yoga, I had to miss too b/c I had a hurt knee, but I dropped by at the end of class to see how it went because I was nearby, and I provided the St Patty's Day music for the class. There were like 30 folks in the class...a packed house!

Vicki said...

You know Lop and I are supporting that bill!!! I am SICK to death of New Orleans!! Go Georgia!!!

stacey said...

yay, vicki!

tommy, you're too kind. it's weird...strangers will come up to me all the time to tell me i look like tina fey...even without my glasses on! i think i'll look up her family's address, show up for thanksgiving, and see if anyone notices.

Tommy said...

And Tina Fey is on my "List of Five", so know that I think it's meant to be a huge compliment!

As SNL alum go, I get told I look like Will Ferrell all the time. I prefer that over my 'fat days' in college when people would say, "Are you gonna be a comedian someday? Like John Candy?"