Friday, March 28, 2008

Melanie & Simon!

My pal Leah had the swellest idea for a wedding gift for her dear friend Melanie. She hired me to take photos of the fun-and-family-filled party the day after Melanie and Simon were married. There were lots of folks in from the UK, and everyone shared great food, stories, and lots of hugs.

Here are just a few of the day's goings-on...

This is the gorgeous home they're renovating. It's HUGE and fabulous.

Melanie's incredible bouquet

I think this might be the remnants of the wedding cake. Those who know me will be amazed that I didn't devour a single piece, despite how YUMMY it looks. Probably because I had 2 giant pieces the night before at Steve & Kara's wedding!

How do I love thee Leah, let me count the ways....1. poses in bathtub!

A party full of funny people. Gotta love that!

The gentleman being hugged hand-crafted that terrific sign "Maison de Moon" for their home.

The lovely, newly-married couple. Congratulations you two!!!

For a slideshow of additional images from their day-after party, click HERE

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