Friday, March 14, 2008

match game!

I didn't have any new pics to post today, so I was going to do a little tribute to the pretty flowers I've seen at various weddings. Then, I decided to take it a step further and make a game out of it. So, below are various bouquets and then various gorgeous brides who belong to those bouquets. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to match the brides to their flowers.

Now, I can't ask you to play a game without prizes. So, the person who gets the most correct within the next 5 days, will get some of my hand-made cards (not the business kind...the greeting kind). Make sure I can contact you somehow (link to your blog, etc). I'll even let you pick out the types of cards you want (birthday, thank-you, wedding). Maybe I'll post photos of some samples so you can have a look-see.

Happy matching!

Let me know if any of these are cut off on your computer. I put this together on a giant monitor, so I'm not sure if it's fitting on smaller screens. Looks like I need to get some html learnin' on that one.


Tommy said...

Oh, man, I'd go 0 for 9! I'm still reeling from my failure in picking out your favorite shoes!

I might be able to match brides to their shoes, in fact, but to their bouquets? I'm afraid Gene Rayburn would be shamed by my efforts.

Smoov said...

Here is my guess:

stacey said...

SMOOV! how did you DO that??!! i thought i made this really hard, but you got them all right! granted, there were 9, and you only answered 8, but by process of elimination, you would have had all 9 right anyway. DANG! well, your freakish ability to match flowers to brides definitely entitles you to the prize. so, what kind of cards do you want...thank-you, birthday, valentines, blank inside, etc? you can pick three and i'll send 'em to you. make sure you pass me your mailing address. again, may i say...thank you for playing and DAYUM!

Tommy said...

Smoov must be a wedding crasher.

Or a part-time profiler/part time florist.

I'll repeat Stacey's exclamation: Day-um!

Yes, include your address - I'll send you an old cassette tape version of Andy Gibbs' "Shadow Dancing".

stacey said...

tommy, "smoov" is actually a fellow photographer, and a former colleague at the biomed company i worked at, AND is also a stacey...but without the "e". these were obviously unfair advantages. :)

Tommy said...

Well, then, Smoov must be eliminated.

We'll start by making her undergo a sleep disorder test...then we'll force her to do hot yoga for hours.

Then, we'll put her in an improv scene with someone who can't grasp the "Yes, and..." concept.

I've got a little sadist in me...

heighlo. said...

Okay - here is what I am guessing.....just a stab in the dark....

stacey said...

ok, leigh...are you joshin'? did you just look at smoov's answers, or did you really guess for realsies? if you did AND YOU ALSO GOT THEM ALL RIGHT, i need to rethink my game strategy. i'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt. even though you weren't the first, i'll take you out for a bagel and coffee to discuss how i can make my blog games more difficult. just pick a morning, doll.

Smoov said...

Stacey, it took me some time to figure out. I tried to look closely at the dresses and match them from what I could see in the floral pictures. And well, I've seen all of the pictures on your web that cheating?

I think I would like....what are my card options again? How about some that are blank inside that I can use for anything? Squeeeeeeee!

heighlo. said...

i just copied smoov's didn't take me that long at all.