Monday, March 17, 2008

stuff i dig

I have a bunch of fun shoots coming up, but in the meantime, I thought I'd just post some non-human things that make me happy (Buddhists are weeping for me). After clearing away inches of dust and acres of junk off my dresser, I found this little dish hiding under the rubble. Had forgotten all about it. I was hoping that beneath the ashes I might also find my favorite black sweater I lost in 1998, the tripod I think I left on Peachtree street, and my 25" waist. No luck.

You can find this dish at the Echo site. I think it's supposed to be for soap, but It's much more versatile than that. I'll be using it for bobby pins, loose change, buttons that have strayed from their garments, and...of house future inches of dust.



maryk said...

oooh! i have a dish that i love. i found it in savannah while cleaning up my parents' house. it is old, and it is awesome. i'll try to take a decent photo, and put it here. or flickr. or both.

maryk said...

well, it won't take my html. so here's the link. to the picture you've already seen.