Tuesday, March 18, 2008

couldn't resist. i apologize.

Ok, I know...REAL original to post cute photos of my cat. How did I EVER think of THAT??? At least it's not artsy pictures of my feet. Also, though she may appear harmless and adorable here, I'm convinced that one night she will pierce my heart with a screwdriver while I sleep. Seriously. She's been practicing her manual dexterity by opening every cabinet in the house. Not to mention the suspicious glances she's been giving the tool drawer lately. Do. Not. Trust. Her.


Widdi said...

I can't stand it. I'm feeling that warm and fuzzy feeling all over. Make it stop.

heighlo. said...

hey - you have STUFF on your cat!

maryk said...

i. love. cats.
and i love picturing her opening the cabinets at night.

i showed her where the tool box was. sorry. i just told her there was a squeak to a couple cabinets, could she tighten up the screws. i guess she's been working on the cabinets, but i'm not sure i can stop the heart piercing.