Tuesday, May 27, 2008

1 page of fame

I had a great lunch with my friend Melanie yesterday in East Atlanta. After stuffing ourselves with chicken and brie sandwiches at Kasan Red, we walked through the village to look at girlie goodies. We stepped into a small consignment shop with incredible vintage hats and purses. There among the pretty garments was the book "50 Dates Worse Than Yours" by Justin Racz. I said to Melanie, "this is gonna sound weird, but I think there's a photo I took in there". Sure enough, on page 48, there it was.

A couple years ago, my friend Dan Berman in NY said he knew a guy (Justin) who makes these "50 Worse" books. He and Justin asked me to photograph a scenario where a guy and girl are on a date and the guy runs out of gas. Not the kind where he runs out of gas and puts the moves on her or turns into a zombie and dances around in front of John Landis, but the kind where the guy effs up and the girl is livid.

My hubby Matt and my friend Jen Caldwell were the willing modeling victims. The evening we decided to shoot, it was POURING rain. The three of us also got into some ridiculous argument on the way to the location. In retrospect, this worked well, because the angry faces in the image are for realz.

I never saw the finished product, and wasn't sure if my photo made it in. So when I saw it, I was like "sweeeeet". I'm all published n' stuff.


I love that there happened to be a big sign right there that said "WRONG WAY". I believe that's called happy irony, or art voodoo or something.


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