Tuesday, May 6, 2008

rockin the photo booth

Making goofy faces. Hoisting our drinks into the air. Big ol' smooches. These are things we've all probably done in a photo booth at some point. It's an invitation to be goofy with no repercussions. Who doesn't love that??

I try to stay away from any trends in the wedding photography biz since the LAST thing I want couples to think when they look back on their wedding photos is "yep, that's the thing everybody did when we got married". Wedding photos should be classic and never look dated.

With that said, people seem to dig the idea of having a photo booth at wedding receptions to capture those uninhibited moments (yay open bar!). Since I love these types of pics, I thought it would be cool to have them IN ADDITION TO the usual timeless shots I take. However, renting a booth can cost the couple roughly $1000. So, I wanted to experiment by working with a second shooter to set up a mock photo booth for about 20-30 minutes during the reception. We just find a plain wall that's out of the way, check the lighting, and start snappin'.

This past Saturday, I shot Stephanie and Josh's fantastic 1920s themed wedding at Callanwolde Fine Arts Center. It was gorgeous. I'll be posting the wedding photos soon, but here are the photo booth shots. I was lucky enough to have Hassan Arshad of HK Imaging working as my second shooter. He's a good friend and great photographer.

So, let me know what you think, then I might go ahead and offer this to future couples!

You might recognize the gentleman below (my friend Mike), from an earlier post. I think he should wear this outfit every day...or at least any time he goes to the post office, the bank, or the DMV.

I found out at the wedding that the adorable couple below is engaged. Congratulations you two! And could you BE more cute??


Vicki said...

OMG I so love these pictures and what a fun fun wedding. I always thought a mascarade would make a cool wedding day. Great photos and great idea!!!

Tommy said...

Awesome, Stacey! What fun.

How come this is considered trendy and hip when you do it for a wedding reception, but when I do it at home, the neighbors just find me odd and worthy of a restraining order?

The Cupid outfit last February, in particular.

Anonymous said...

delurking to say--

gah--- these are adorable. totally a fantastic idea.

-kathleen donahoe

stacey said...

thanks, everybody for the input! i'm glad i have something fun and new to offer my couples!

Stephanie said...

Those turned out Fantastic Stacey! I think it's a great idea and it was definitely well-suited for my guests! You are the bomb!