Friday, May 9, 2008

amy & john are having a baby!

This is gonna be one lucky little girl. Her parents not only have the typical requisite good-parent qualities, but they also possess atypical levels of funny. I've known Amy and John for a while now, worked with them a few times, and have seen lots of film and stage work they've performed in. Um, saying they're a "hoot" is an understatement. So, their little gal is gonna have laugh lines by the time she's seven.

I know I've said it before, but I LOVE it when people come to me with ideas. Photo sessions should be a collaborative process, and Amy and John had some really fun ideas. Thanks you two! I had such a great time taking these shots.

It was their idea to have John play the ukulele for the baby. Yay!

Amy's pink party dress was gorgeous. She's one hot, sassy momma-to-be!

After the sun went down, we took some fashion shots of a run-down gas station, of course. I'm really into maternity portraits that celebrate the woman, so here's Amy rockin' my face off.

Thanks so much you two, and all my best to your growing family! I can't wait to shower you with spaghetti at the party next weekend!


Anonymous said...

her poor swollen ankles

stacey said...

yes, she's a bit at war with her ankles right now, but somehow she manages to still look completely fabulous!

maryk said...


i love all of them. especially that profile couple/blue dress/horizontal one.

too much! Damn! i hope she makes it til the shower! she's getting ready!

maryk said...
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Tommy said...

We had two summertime pregnancies and the swollen ankle syndrome is just something ya gotta live with. You thank God that it's flip-flop/barefoot season and don't worry about it.

And yeah, she makes it all look fabulous - he does too with the uke - good for them for capturing the moment!

Tessa said...

Keep up the good work.