Monday, May 19, 2008

with this ink, i thee wed

I got to see fabulous newlyweds Josh and Stephanie for their "day after" session (though it was technically a "two week after" session). They had some fun hangin' in Bermuda for a bit, and now it was time to take some photos again. Hooray!

I tell couples that they can use the portrait session in their package for just about anything. I will take a still-life of your dog playing x-box if you so choose. Stephanie and Josh had something much better to shoot. When we met, they said there would be "fake" rings at the wedding because they would later be having the "real" ones tattooed on. Looking back, I may have actually begged them to use their portrait session for the tattoos. Thankfully, we all agreed.

Debi at Illustrator Tattoo was really cool, and does beautiful work. We even got to listen to some Bob Dylan while the magic was happening.

So here are some of the shots of the rings being "put" on. Note: I think Stephanie deserves an extra nod for being a superhero. She has very tiny, thin fingers, so that tattoo had to have hurt a tad. I'll be one of those people who goes in to get a battleship across my chest and walks out with a dot and a kleenex.

Stephanie was up first...

She even wore her incredible wedding gown for the occasion! And they say you only get to wear it once. I think she should wear it to Kroger every time she has to buy toilet cleaner. Ya gotta do it, you may as well make it glamorous!

Here's one of the shots we took of the stand-in rings.

Debi's working on the design for the back of Josh's ring. Neat-o!

I love the purple Tetris floor!

The rings in all their finished glory...

Thanks you two for such a wonderful, unique experience!


Stephanie said...

thank YOU.

ablebody said...

gotta love the design, nice work on the pics too.
tetris... oh tetris...