Saturday, May 24, 2008

joel & jill's wedding!

"A good marriage is that in which each appoints the other guardian of his solitude."

~ Rainer Maria Rilke

Ever since I've known both Jill and Joel, I felt that they were people with very gentle souls. This may sound corny to some, but when I see them together, I get such a strong sense that they will be good to one another throughout their marriage. There is a certain sweetness to their connection that is really touching to witness.

There is always some moment that chokes me up during a wedding day. I'm never sure of when it will be, I'm just sure that it will happen. It must be the connection between Joel and Jill that I described above that made my "crying moment" their first dance. They looked so adorable, and I do love a good Lionel Richie song!

The whole day was lovely, and I couldn't be more excited for these two wonderful people. All my best to you in your new life together!

Here's the new Mr. and Mrs. Don't they look fabulous?!!

After the ceremony, we took some photos around the church grounds when I saw this heart in the sidewalk.....couldn't resist!

I had to get a photo with Sean and Lisa. I shot their wedding in Jamaica, and it's always a pleasure to see them! ~photo by Kevin Bachtel

To see a slideshow of more images from their big day, click

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