Monday, May 12, 2008

linnea & funions!

John Lennon had Yoko, Andy Warhol had Edie Sedgewick, Lewis Carroll had Alice Liddell, F. Scott had Zelda, and then there's the movie "Xanadu". Since lots of artists are inspired by their muses, mine would have to be Linnea. She's not only a great friend, but also a wickedly good photographer. So, she totally "gets" it. I know that I can throw her into any crazy scenario and she'll dive in head-first and help me transfer images from my head into my camera.

Here's a shot we took a couple years ago. That session is still one of my all-time favorites.

fo sho

Linnea just got a new pup named Funions. Both the name and the dog are beyond awesome. He's the coolest. He chose to eat his leash instead of my cats and didn't mind that we dressed him in formalwear.

Below are a BUNCH of pics from our playtime. I have a hard time deciding on favorites. When I start to wonder if there's such a thing as over-posting, I remember that this is essentially a photography blog. Well alrighty then.

I love how crazy Funions looks in this one. You'll also notice in these pics that I played around a bit with blurring the focus. Some was intentional and some was the velocity of Funions. Either way, I like me some crazy blur.

After taking this next photo, I think I need to do a series of photos called "Party Dresses and Power Tools".

Man, I dig a good dose of creepy too!

Thanks so much to my long-time muse...Linnea, and my new muse...Funions!


Stephanie said...

These are so awesome. Funions is Adorable and Linnea is beautiful! What a great muse! Dude, if you do a dresses and powertools shoot? I'll volunteer to model!


stacey said...

alright,'re on my list. maybe your wedding gown with a power sander?

Stephanie said...

Sure you don't want me in a can-can outfit?

Tommy said...

Awesome pics, Stacey and Linnea! Wow, the 'girl in the window' pics are sorta creepy, like you keep her hostage in your basement or something. Cue the Danny Elfman music as she plans her escape...

Vicki said...

Great pictures, but not sure I want to know how you got those things to stay in her hair. Count me in for the power tools pic's. OMG I love power tools and in a hot dress that would be even cooler ;O)