Thursday, May 1, 2008

glenn's headshots!

Any aspiring actors out there should probably give Glenn a call. I'm convinced that he needs to teach a class on how to create subtle changes in expression to show lots of different things your face can do (and roles you can get cast for!).

He just naturally shifted expressions between shots, and particularly nailed the ever-difficult look that hangs out between super-smiley and deadly serious. Hooray!

I also had the pleasure of meeting Glenn's lovely wife, Irma, who is also a photographer. I'm a happy camper any time I get to talk photo with another person who shares my obsession.

All the best to both of you as you follow your creative paths!

Of course, we HAD to take at least one silly shot! Climb all the fences you want, Glenn...there is no escape! Bwah haa haa!

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