Sunday, May 11, 2008

the combo post

First up, it's headshots of Matt Myers! Woo hoo! One fine fella. He's been a good friend for years now. Ooh, you should check out his website of comics. It's called
Mr Pixel and the Pixel Family. He's one of those dangerous people who's smart AND has a sense of humor. Ya gotta keep an eye on those. I'm still obsessed about something he mentioned during his photo session. In clothing sizes, there is no EXTRA Medium (XM). I'm going to find any clothes that I have that are medium, and write an X in front of the M just to see if the world melts.

Here are a few shots of the uber fantastic Matt Myers.




Now we move on to Part II of our combo post. There was a party to celebrate Anna-Claire's graduation from nursing school. Anna-Claire is the wife of Mr. Myers and is one of my best friends in this world. Her soul is so beautiful, I wish I could pull it out, give it a smooch, and gently put it back. I adore her. AND she wears glitter. In fact, at the party, I was given the special duty of making sure that as she ages, if she is ever unable to apply the glitter herself, I will be there to make sure she sparkles at all times.

She was on an accelerated program in nursing school, which was so difficult that the average person would probably rather french kiss a grizzly bear than attempt this type of process. I am so proud of her.

Here, Nurse Connie administers 12cc of whiskey to Nurse Anne-Claire. Connie is AC's mom, and a wonderful lady.

Here's Vanessa and AC. Vanessa makes the best Thai lettuce wraps AND developed The Sweeney Method, which greatly improved the dispensing of the whiskey into the mouths of the patients.


So much delicious food! Ugh, I'm still full.

Matt takes one for the team. AC also makes the "here comes the whiskey" face.

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mmyers said...

Stacey Bode, you are awesome! Those pics from the party are gorgeous. Thanks again for making me look cool and for you and the hubby being at the shindig.