Friday, May 2, 2008

mommy pedi

This year, mom and I won't get to spend our special day triumvirate together (my birthday, her birthday, and mother's day). She has a darn good excuse for abandoning me during this typical time of celebration. She's going on a fabulous cruise of Europe. Um, yeah. Am I jealous? Definitely. Am I excited for her? Certainly. Did I try to weasel my way on board as her "official photographer"? Naturally. Did it work? Like I said, we WON'T be spending our holidays together. Sigh. I hope she has a blast.

As part of her pre-birthday present, I treated her to a pedicure so that no only will she be cruising the Mediterranean, but she will also look good in sandals.

I love you mom! Drink lots of wine and eat 50 pounds of cheese for me!

The massage chair shook her so hard, she could barely talk. Of course rather than offer to adjust the settings on the chair, I opted to point, laugh, and take pictures.


Widdi said...

See! I do read it! Aren't pedis the ultimate treat? I went with 3 gal pals last week - I'm wearing "Senorita Rosalita." : )
Sooooooo, when's your birthday? Soon, it appears.

stacey said...

hey widdi! or should i say "seniorita rosalita"?

i would have gotten a pedi too, if i had any nails to speak of. when one gets long, i just rip it off. it's very un-girly of me.

my b-day is tomorrow (may 3rd). my folks AND matt will not be able to celebrate with me, but i'm shooting a really cool wedding tomorrow. at least i'll have cake!

Tommy said...

I'm wearing "Senor El Bandito" - it's little mustaches and bandannas for your toes.

Happy Bodeday, Stacey! Please have some pancakes this AM to celebrate!


Widdi said...

WOOHOO! Happy Birthday! Wait, I'm going to a wedding today in Athens. That wouldn't be the one you're shooting, is it?

stacey said...

thanks for the b-day wishes!

tommy, are you sure your color isn't called "D. Sanchez"? tee hee.

widdi, i'm shooting here in atlanta. since you'll be at a wedding in another town, at some point i'll be sure to sing a few bars of "somewhere out there".