Friday, May 16, 2008

i want to ride my bicycle

I don't need a fancy bike. I don't need a fast bike. If the seat is comfy, I don't care that it's held on by wishful taping. However, I do need a bike that "works". My bike is so broke-down right now, it's nearly turned into a very cumbersome paperweight. The weather is nicer and I'd like to ride on the Silver Comet Trail with Matt, since I don't ride around the city too much. Riding in Atlanta to me is like covering your leg in ground chuck and dangling it in front of a hungry shark. Do I really NEED to tempt fate? Also, most sharks are smarter than the average Atlanta driver.

So this bike either needs an extreme cycle makeover, or I need a new one. I'd rather spend money on photo stuff, but I may have no choice.

I wasn't kidding about the tape.

I don't know if you can tell in this shot, but the gear shifter is completed busted.

If any of you have ever played off-road hide-n-seek with me, you know I'm pretty brutal with my gameplay. Apparently a mistake.

I guess when I bough my bike, Mongoose was a decent brand. Now, I hear that it's probably worse than a Huffy from 1975. I used to see a lot of real Mongoose (the plural for Mongoose is Mongoose) when I lived in Hawaii, and I don't remember them looking this evil. Mostly, they'd swim in our hot tub. I loved them because they were the reason for no snakes in Hawaii.

Here's hoping I'll be two-wheelin' it again soon!


Tommy said...

Cue the Queen music!

I, too, am jonesing to dig my bike out again. I need to do trails or private areas, though. Atlanta traffic scares the shiite out of me. And while I respect bikers' rights to share the road, I'm the first to curse them when they slow me to a crawl in traffic.

I got a new bike last year from the family for Xmas, waited until Spring to really try it out, and made the mistake of making my first foray around the neighborhood barefooted, which caused me to get my foot caught between the petal and the wheel, and I ended up sidelined with an icepack and pain pills for about a week.

It took me a while to get up the nerve to get on the bike again, though it was just my own stupidity that caused the whole situation.

But, now I'm wanting to get ramped up again - maybe take it to Stone Mountain and explore the paths there.

Go bikin', Bode!

philiptdotcom said...

Mongoose are NOT the reason for "no snakes in Hawaii"; see articles about snakes in Hawaii from


stacey said...

sorry phillipdotcom. you obviously feel very strongly about this. the last time i witnessed the mongoose + no snakes combo first-hand was in 1983. there has apparently been some sort of snake infestation of biblical proportion in hawaii since then. probably the only reason i'm glad i don't still live there. actually, i'd even be cool with that and maybe teach the snakes how to surf.

please don't anyone link to an article called "why you CAN'T teach snakes to surf".