Thursday, May 22, 2008

yay rachel!

A HUGE perk of my photo biz is that I form some great connections with the folks who come my way. I'm not sure this would be the case if I were, say, a tax collector. Sorry tax collectors, but you're killin' me. Are they even called "tax collectors" any more? IRS Agents sound cooler I guess. I am SO that angry tax payer right now who will complain to anyone within ear shot. Someone please talk me down from the ledge.

Anyways....I need to talk about Rachel! I met her last year when we shot some fun portraits. She has a very lively spirit, that one. I was thrilled to hear that she has a "left the corporate world to pursue her dream" story. She was doing marketing for a high-tech company and now she is designing jewelry instead. Woo hoo! The right side of the brain wins again! Actually, Rachel is the kinda gal who I know will succeed because she has the creativity of the right side and the organization of the left. Very important when you're an artistically-based company!

Rachel and I met up for coffee and I asked her to bring some of her designs along for show and tell. Everyone who knows me knows I'm the WORST liar ever. Not as in "I lie all the time" but as in "I will never win a game of poker". So when I gushed over Rachel's work, it was most certainly sincere. She's very talented and I would proudly wear any of her work.

Her company is Uniquity Designs, and she makes one-of-a-kind pieces using vintage fabrics and other little treasures. It's all hand-made and extremely eye-catching. She's going to be working on a bridal/bridesmaid collection that I'm really excited about.

If anyone reading this is interested in her work, please leave me a comment and I'll be sure to pass you her contact info. Hopefully, she'll have a website up soon. I have a feeling she's going to go really far with this.

Here's one of the shots of Rachel from our portrait session last year. She has the best smile!

And here are her gorgeous designs....

Congratulations on following your dream, Rachel!

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Anonymous said...

Those pieces are GORGEOUS....
(you're right, she sure has a purty smile!)

Beautiful jewelry! Yummy!