Sunday, July 20, 2008


The first time I met Ayesha, I sat across a table from her and stared with total cow-mouthed disbelief. The reason for my lame behavior is that I was truly that struck by how gorgeous she is.

As I got to know her, I quickly discovered that she's far from just a pretty face. She's a multi-talented lady with a larger-than-life personality who I can only describe as a beautiful supernova.

I wish I could be Ayesha when I grow up. This won't happen though because she already does a fine job of being herself and surely doesn't need me added to the mix, and there's the SMALL fact she's also younger than me. Sigh.

She had some time to get together and "play photo", which made me do a little happy dance. The crazy thing is, we both had a hard time coming up with specific ideas to capture. She's super creative and I usually have a million ideas playing kickball in my brain, but our ideaometers were set to "dangerously low". So we just played around with whatever scenarios we could shoot at her apartment. Turns out, we didn't need anything fancy...just two wacky gals and a camera. Who knew?

Here are some pics of Ayesha and her adorable pet mouse, Mousey

And here is Ayesha doing her series of "Mouse Faces"...

ayesha's mouse faces

Here are some more of her many, many expressions...

How can you not adore this girl???!!!

She has this fantastic blue chair with a mirror behind it. That spot was just beggin' for some photos!

In this next one, it looks like she was hit in the right eye with a baseball. I promise that I did not, in fact, throw a baseball at her to achieve this effect. It's simply how the shadows ended up falling. However, it adds just the right dose of creepy that I love in images.

Thanks SO much, Ayesha!

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Susie said...

WOW!!!! Gorgeous girl, gorgeous photos!