Wednesday, July 16, 2008

fun in the park!

I had the pleasure of taking some family portraits this weekend for Heather, Jill, Caitlin, and Kahlua. It's always a good time to capture special moments, but we had an added agenda. Kahlua is a puppy...a Great Dane puppy who is destined to become the size of a Hummer. So, they thought it might be a good idea to catch some puppy shots before the growing process becomes unstoppable. I agree!

They had matching pedicures...

...AND manicures!!!

Caitlin's surprised look. I think she nailed it!



Momy said...

what a great bunch of photos of a good looking family. Love the dog-kiss shot too.

heighlo. said...

those people are beautiful. the pics are great. and that dog is so cute she/he looks like a cartoon dog with the markings placed just so with a crayon. and who doesn't want a kahlua drink right NOW?

stacey said...

thanks you two! yes, they are a lovely family.

leigh...i'll bring the kahlua if you have some cream! holla!