Sunday, July 27, 2008

john & rhi!

I'm so excited about this post! John, one of my former work pals recently got married to the super-sweet Rhi. When I was at the biomed company, Rhi also worked there, but sadly we never crossed paths (big company). I saw John a lot since he worked in Quality Assurance and I managed a laboratory. You do the math. Let's just say that I knew all the folks in Quality really well. I think my wrists are still sore from all their slapping. Good job, fellas! I'm just glad that nobody ever wrote me up for performing show tunes while performing heart dissections.

John is about to start medical school in a couple of weeks, so send him some good vibes and calming thoughts. A while back, I took a quick headshot for him to use on his application. Now I like to take full credit for all of his success.

It was such a happy surprise when John called to say that he and Rhi got hitched in Vegas! They wanted some "bride and groom" portraits here in Atlanta with them all gussied up, and I was beyond pleased to oblige.

In between some sketchy weather and even sketchier downtown construction and detours, we met up at the park to capture them in all their married glory.

It was cool to see John all tuxed-out, and Rhi is one truly stunning woman. Photographing this handsome couple was like, well, a walk in the park! They have such a beautiful affection for one another that the shoot felt more like watching a romantic movie than posing people for photos.

Here are a few samples from our late afternoon stroll...

She has the face of an angel!

Hanging around two people in love is a pretty wonderful way to spend an afternoon

To see a slideshow of more images of the fabulous newlyweds, click HERE

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Anonymous said...

she is one of the most gorgeous brides ever and that dress is well, it's gorgeous too.