Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I have to start my Liz post with one of my favorite shots from 2005. The image below was taken for a production of "The Seagull" at Push Push Theater, and Liz is the lovely silhouette in front of Daniel Pettrow's giant projected head.

Liz told me that getting a good "sexy" look out of her might be a challenge. For most of us gals, our looks of hotness tend to veer toward the angry and confused. I assured Liz that there are a few tricks to getting this look right. We started off by having her take a deep sigh before the shot. That morphed into a bigger sigh with a high-pitched "ahhh" sound. Then that morphed into what will forever be known as "The McGeever Method". To relax her face and mouth before her shots, she would quickly push the air through her lips while making the soprano version of a noise I can only describe as how my mom used to mimic a tugboat while trying to get me to swim. I REALLY wish my camera had video/audio on it. It worked like a CHARM, and the two of us couldn't stop cracking up. Any folks wanting headshots should beg her for a lesson.

I have to continue my obsession with celebrity comparisons. In some of Liz's shots she looked like either Nicole Kidman (before she transformed herself into Botox Barbie), Reece Witherspoon, or Dominique Swain. I think the one below is of the "Nicole" variety.

Random punk dude could not resist the power of Liz's charms!!!

Of course, we had to take one last shot just for fun!


Widdi said...

I LOVE the random guy shot! You couldn't have planned a better one. : )

stacey said...

it was pretty funny, and liz was so cool about it. i might have given him a roundhouse kick to the trachea.