Thursday, July 3, 2008

a gluten for punishment

I have reached Day 12 of the cleanse, and things are going okay. Occasionally, I fantasize about wearing an outfit made of cheese and then eating it as a snack with a side of key lime pie. I wish I was either mean or destructive because I think kicking something or someone right now would make me feel REALLY good. In truth, the cleanse itself is making me feel really good. Like, more than I imagined.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of going to lunch with the fabulous Kara Jensen (Stakeman). She and Steve got married at Trader Vic's earlier this year. There just aren't enough weddings with mai tais!

She's also participating in a "nutritional endeavor", though it's different from the one I'm doing. She really summed it up while we were looking over our menus at the restaurant, desperately trying to find something that's "allowed". She said, "I want to pour ketchup on my foot and eat it!". Later, she noticed that her red toenails looked like cherries, so she'd definitely eat those too.

Kara was kind enough to bring me a copy of the Fall/Winter 2008 issue of The Atlantan Bride magazine. They published a pic of Kara and Steve that I took at their wedding. Woo hoo! Maybe we can find a magazine willing to publish a photo of Kara eating her foot.

Thanks for being crazy with me, Kara!


Tommy said...

Why do I get the idea everyone's waiting for me to jump in here? Yes, ketchup is good on a foot. At least on Wendy's. Geez.

heighlo. said...

that is awesome! congrats on your publication.

stacey said...

sorry tommy...forgot about your foot fetish.

thanks, leigh! i was pretty excited about the pic being published. woo hoo!