Thursday, July 3, 2008


Some of you Atlanta folks may know Stacy. Others may recognize her from my earlier post about the beach vacation. For those in the "don't know" category, she is a good friend of mine, and a power-house of an actress. Most gals who do Atlanta theater probably want to be Stacy. She's been the go-to actress in town for as long as I can remember. She gots chops, y'all.

She's a lovely soul, a great listener, and a good time...all wrapped up in a pretty burrito.

Here are a couple of her new headshot images. If you see her, please tell her that she IS photogenic. She'll argue with you, but then she'll probably say something funny, and it will all have been worth it.

I love few things more than pointing out the obvious, so...Stacy has gorgeous eyes.


heighlo. said...

these are great. And you are right she takes great shots. This last one is my favorite - it is HER! you got her right there!

stacey said...

thanks! she's a fabulous subject!