Sunday, July 6, 2008


This handsome fella is Lee. We had a swell time walkin' around East Atlanta while taking him some new headshots. Luckily, it wasn't one of the scorching-hot days we've been having lately. It's weird enough having a camera stuck in your face, but when you also feel like your face might just melt off, that makes it a little tricky to give that serene-yet-approachable-yet-deep-in-thought look.

Even if it had been crazy hot, I think Lee could have handled it. He was really relaxed, and seemed to know what his face was doing (believe me, most of us have no idea what are faces are doing). If you were to shout at me "hey...give us your sultry face", I'd morph my features into something that resembled either an angry elf or a drunken chipmunk.

Thanks, Lee! I hope your fabulous face and acting skills book you acres of jobs!

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