Wednesday, July 23, 2008

the sharp family!

It was so great to see Travis, Stephanie, and Rowe! They are friends who used to live in Atlanta, but are now way up yonder in New York.

Travis is a jack of all trades: comedy, music, writing...the list goes on. The size of his ideas are equal to the size of his heart. He'll probably think I'm a dork for writing that, but it's true. Stephanie is smart, stylish, and me and the other gals who know her often wish we could break off a little piece of her firecracker personality and make it our own.

And Rowe is growing up so fast!!! Thank goodness we got to take some family photos before she starts driving and voting! They also said that there are NO photos of the three of them together! Definitely time to remedy that!

In case it's not obvious in recent's summer time, which means I am currently obsessed with sidewalk chalk!

I hope it's not too long before the three of you head down south again!

To see a slideshow of more images of the gorgeous Sharp family, click HERE


Susie said...

Stacey That slide show of the Sharps and the music was so beautiful it made me cry.
You have such a great knack for capturing the love and togetherness of these families.
It makes me want to teach the world to sing!
And buy it a coke!
Wow, girl.

stacey said...

thanks susie! that's so sweet that i'll buy YOU a coke and sing whatever song you want.

mmyers said...

Wow, great pics! What a cute little family those Sharps are.